PhaseTube - Water-guided PCM Storage

PhaseTube - Water-guided PCM Storage

Storage for Heating or Cooling

Thermal storage is gaining importance in order to be able to coordinate supply and demand between energy producers and consumers with an increase in renewable energy sources.

The PhaseTube combines the storage capacity of PCM technology with your cooling or heating circuit. If, on the other hand, you need storage for air systems, you will find a suitable solution with the PhaseCube.

All products of the SP series from 0°C to +60°C can be used for the PhaseTube. This opens up possible applications in many different cooling and heating settings.

The amounts of energy stored in the temperature range of the phase change are significantly larger than those in a sensitive water storage tank in the same temperature range. For this reason there is an advantage in terms of heat storage density, especially in case of small temperature differences.

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