PCM RT-line

PCM RT-line

Versatile Organic PCM for Your Application

The established PCMs of the RT category are organic materials. They use their melting process from solid to liquid (and vice versa) in order to store and release large amounts of heat in an approximately constant temperature range. Depending on their melting point, a variety of applications at different temperatures can be considered for heat storage.

Due to their purity and specific composition our PCMs show up a remarkable latent heat capacity in narrow temperature ranges. In addition, they are chemically inert and have an unlimited lifetime.

Our RT products are available for a wide temperature range of about -10 °C to 90 °C (14 °F to 194 °F). If you are not able to retrieve the desired temperature for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. PCMs can be produced for almost all temperatures.

For certain temperatures also high capacity RTs (e.g. Rubitherm RT 5 HC) are available. The RTHC products possess a higher latent heat capacity of 25 - 30% compared to classic RT materials and melt in a narrower temperature range. These PCMs are also advantageous in cases in which a limited volume exists.

For any questions concerning our products or for further possible heat storage temperatures please contact our staff. We are looking forward to assisting you.

RT materials are also offered in combination with the compact storage module (CSM) or macroencapsulations.

RT materials are also the basis for our bound or microencapsulated PCMs.

On request more melting point are available!

! ATTENTION ! PCM marked with ** are only partially available at the moment

product melting area heat storage capacity Ø technical data sheet
RT - 9 HC -9°C 250 kJ/kg PDF
RT - 4 -4°C 180 kJ/kg PDF
RT 0 0°C 175 kJ/kg PDF
RT 2 HC 2°C 200 kJ/kg PDF
RT 3 HC_1 3°C 190 kJ/kg PDF
RT 4 4°C 175 kJ/kg PDF
RT 5 5°C 180 kJ/kg PDF
RT 5 HC 5°C 250 kJ/kg PDF
RT 8 8°C 175 kJ/kg PDF
RT 8 HC 8°C 190 kJ/kg PDF
RT 10 10°C 165 kJ/kg PDF
RT 10 HC 10°C 200 kJ/kg PDF
RT 11 HC 11°C 200 kJ/kg PDF
RT 12 12°C 160 kJ/kg PDF
RT 15 15°C 150 kJ/kg PDF
RT18 18°C 150 kJ/kg PDF
RT 18 HC 18°C 260 kJ/kg PDF
RT 21 21°C 165 kJ/kg PDF
RT 21 HC 21°C 190 kJ/kg PDF
RT 22 HC 22°C 190 kJ/kg PDF
RT 24 HC 24°C 200 kJ/kg PDF
RT25 25°C 180 kJ/kg PDF
RT 25 HC 25°C 230 kJ/kg PDF
RT 28 HC 28°C 250 kJ/kg PDF
RT 31 31°C 165 kJ/kg PDF
RT 35 35°C 160 kJ/kg PDF
RT 35 HC** 35°C 240 kJ/kg PDF
RT38 38°C 170 kJ/kg PDF
RT 42 42°C 165 kJ/kg PDF
RT 44 HC 44°C 250 kJ/kg PDF
RT 47 47°C 160 kJ/kg PDF
RT 50 50°C 160 kJ/kg PDF
RT 54 HC 54°C 200 kJ/kg PDF
RT 55 55°C 170 kJ/kg PDF
RT 60 60°C 160 kJ/kg PDF
RT62HC 62°C 230 kJ/kg PDF
RT 64 HC 64°C 250 kJ/kg PDF
RT 65 65°C 150 kJ/kg PDF
RT69HC 69°C 230 kJ/kg PDF
RT 70 HC 70°C 260 kJ/kg PDF
RT 82 82°C 170 kJ/kg PDF
RT 80 HC 78°C 220 kJ/kg PDF
RT 90 HC 90°C 170 kJ/kg PDF
RT100 ~100°C 120 kJ/kg PDF
RT100HC 100°C 180 kJ/kg PDF
RT111HC 111°C 190 kJ/kg PDF
RT 125 128°C 175 kJ/kg PDF