PX & GR Bound PCM

PX & GR Bound PCM

Permanently Dry, No Liquid Phase

Basically, two main characteristics of PCM materials exist that often complicate their use. Firstly, handling of a liquid and secondly, the volume change during phase change. Both difficulties can be circumvented by the use of bound PCMs.

Our two bound PCMs consist mainly of an inorganic carrier matrix and a selected PCM from the RT category that has been chosen by our customer. In this combination, working with a liquid itself is avoided and the volume change occurs only in the boundaries of the carrier medium.

The inorganic component behaves in both cases like a sponge in which the PCM is adsorbed. The PCM is rigidly bound to the inorganic material, irrespective of whether the PCM is in the solid or liquid state. The PCM is bound physically to the matrix materials so that its use is facilitated. A dry powder (PX) that is suitable for pouring or a granulate (GR) is always sent to the applicant.

1. The organic part in the PX material makes out about 60%. The particle size of the inorganic carrier matrix amounts to 200 µm. This material combination is a white powder that is suitable for pouring. It should not be confused with the microencapsulated PCM.

The PX material can be applied by filling it into heat pouches for therapeutic use. They can be further used for transport or other applications for which a powder-like PCM is advantageous. The PX materials are also more economic compared to the microencapsulated PCM. However, it has to be taken into account that microencapsulated PCMs cannot be substituted.

2. The GR material has been developed in order to be easily poured. It consists of about 30% of an organic material. Practically, it is similar to the sponge-like structure of an PX material but for its PCM ratio and its particle size. The diameter of its granulate structure amounts to approximately 1-3 mm. GR is applied in the food and beverages sector and as fillings in our heat storage boards.

PX and GR can be combined and produced with the majority of our RT materials.

Further on, you can find examples of our bound PCMs. If your desired temperature is not present in our data, please contact us.

product melting area heat storage capacity Ø technical data sheet
PX 52 52°C 100 kJ/kg PDF
PX 82 82°C 105 kJ/kg PDF
GR 42 42°C 55 kJ/kg PDF
GR 82 82°C 55 kJ/kg PDF