Macroencapsulation - Thermal Packs

Macroencapsulation - Thermal Packs

Customized Thermal Packs

Cool packs filled with PCM are often used in cold chain logistics. They enable passive temperature control of insulated transport boxes.

The aim of these PCM-filled cold packs is to keep the temperature constant at a defined level. Depending on the melting point of the PCM used, the temperature to be stabilized can be freely selected.

State-of-the-art technology includes the use of RT5HC for stabilizing the temperature range +2 to +8°C, which is particularly important in pharmaceutical logistics.

The RT5HC has a well-defined melting range at 5°C. For the desired temperature stabilization, a standardized tempering of the accumulators is necessary before the respective application. If the RT5HC is preconditioned at 2°C, the solid PCM can absorb a considerable amount of heat in the 5°C range. This heat absorption during the melting process protects the transported material from overheating. A liquid RT5HC at 8°C can be used in winter to avoid freeze of the products to be protected.

Other candidates for the temperature range +2 to +8°C are RT5 and SP5, a direct comparison can be found here.

Thanks to the variety of different melting ranges of Rubitherm products, temperature ranges between -50°C and 100°C can be stabilized using the same basic concept.

Rubitherm fills PCM accumulators on a fully automated line. Small batches can also be filled semi-automatically. In both cases we use standard sizes, accumulators provided by the customer or develop individual shapes and sizes together with the customer.

We offer the following sizes as standard. These accumulators made of HDPE are also available as sample quantities with individual filling media:PCM macroencapsulation: thermal pack R1 (240ml): filling quantity approx. 200 g RT or up to 380 g SP and thermal pack R2 (500ml): filling quantity approx. 410 g RT or up to 600 g SP (f.l.t.r.)

An alternative to the rigid packs also different solutions for pouches can be offered in lab scale.

PCM macroencapsulation: filled polymer bags with transparent or aluminium compound foil (f.l.t.r.)

product melting area heat storage capacity Ø technical data sheet
RT 5 5°C 180 kJ/kg PDF
RT 5 HC 5°C 250 kJ/kg PDF