Macroencapsulation - CSM

Macroencapsulation - CSM

PCM in Aluminum Case

Our CSM (compact storage modules) are widely established aluminum cases which are filled with PCMs (phase change materials / latent storage media). This packaging, which is also called macroencapsulation, enables a variety of applications. The advantage lies in the fact that phase change (from solid to liquid and vice versa) is established within the case. This can be seen as a ready-to-use component for both, existing and innovative systems.

The CMS cases are two particularly shaped aluminum plates that are attached to each other. They are jointed at two centered points and sticked together at their frames. The aluminum ensures high heat transfer and on the other hand, inherently it is only to a small extent corrosive. This consistency against corrosion is further strengthened by an additional layer of an anticorrosive material, in the inner as well as on the outer part of the case. The PCM can then be filled in, depending on the application and the customer's choice.

This product can be integrated straightforwardly into existing systems and plants. Almost all PCM materials produced at Rubitherm can be filled into CSM cases, organic RT or inorganic SP materials. Therefore, a broad temperature range for a variety of applications can be offered. Depending on individual requirements, a maximum degree of flexibility can be guaranteed for the applicant.

Our CSM cases are available in the size of 450 x 300 mm, a tare weight of approximatety 0,35 kg and different thicknesses. The thickness depends on the filling volume and thus, the storage capacity.

The CSM cases have been originally developed for the application of air-handling ceilings in the building sector. However, due to their excellent properties and their continuous optimization these macroencapsulations can also be applied in the transport sector or to central air-ventilated store houses. 

You can find Instruction guidelines for CSM panels here.

filling weightstorage capacitystorage capacityfilling weightstorage capacitystorage capacity

thicknessSP fillinge.g. SP21EK; 170kJ/kge.g. SP31; 220kJ/kgRT fillinge.g. RT5; 180kJ/kge.g. RT5HC; 240kJ/kg
CSM 5/510 mm1 kg
47 Wh
60 Wh
0,5 kg
25 Wh33 Wh
CSM10/515 mm2 kg
92 Wh
120 Wh
1 kg
50 Wh66 Wh