KraftBoxx - Water-guided PCM Storage

KraftBoxx - Water-guided PCM Storage

Storage for Heating or Cooling

Thermal storage is gaining importance in order to be able to coordinate supply and demand between energy producers and consumers with an increase in renewable energy sources.

Thanks to the cooperation between Rubitherm and kraftBoxx, all products from the SP-line and the RT-line in the temperature range 0°C to +60°C are also available in the heatStixx and heatSel. This opens up possible uses from cooling to heating.

The heatStixx and heatSel are designed to have a large surface area. Simultaneously, the PCM layer thicknesses are kept small. Both features ensure that the entire PCM takes part in the phase change process. An efficient heat transfer (rapid charging and discharging) is achieved even with very low temperature differences.

The design as a hybrid storage enables the greatest possible dynamics due to the water content. It is therefore perfectly suited for a large number of applications in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology.

The amounts of energy stored in the temperature range of the phase change are significantly larger than those in a sensible water storage tank in the same temperature range.

If you have very high capacity requirements you can look at the the PhaseTube.

If you are looking for air-guided systems, you will find a suitable solution with the PhaseCube.

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