Can PCM Improve Your Product?

You are seeking for the proper PCM material and would like to perform tests but you don't know how?

Let us help you bundle your ideas into one solution - with a development offer!

What temperatures do you wish to keep constant in your application? How long does heat or cold last?

We are able to answer these and other questions for you. Save your time and effort!

We collect all your ideas and present you ideal solutions.

What we do: 

We discuss with you your ideas in detail. We evaluate, organize, set up the tests and present you concrete options (materials, encapsulations, time duration, effect and use). Through a variety of technical possibilities in our tech lab you can be sure that your idea works.
Benefit from a wide range of technical possibilities – tailored to your requirements.

Ask us, we are glad to help you out!

All data are treated confidentially.

More information:

Dr. Esther Kieseritzky,, +49 30 710 96 22 67